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To Create, and Grow a Successful Business for under $200

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Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2015 @ 8:00 PM CST

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Excited About the Possibilities

When introduced to independent business ownership through a neighbor, Bill and his wife Sandy, got excited about the possibilities but were naive about how to conduct a business. “It’s a real tribute to the business when two people like us, with no business background, are able to do as well as we have done,” comments Bill. “We decided to work hard for five years and see what would happen. What we discovered was that the reward for our efforts was fantastic.”


Life Passing By

“Along with my inner-most beliefs, there were two things that prepared me for this business. First was the fact that all my friends seemed to be doing a lot better than we were economically, and that bothered me. Secondly, six months before we saw the independent business plan I discovered that I owed the government an extra $600 in taxes, and I had to go to my father to borrow the money. I was twenty-seven years old, driving an old car, living in an old house, and didn’t have $600 to my name. That combination of circumstances really made me realize that life was passing by, and that if I was going to do something with my life, I’d better get on with it.”


Mr. Bill Hawkins

Featured Topics to be Discussed on the Webcast


  • Why do you want to be in a home-based business

  • Dreams & Goals (Your long-term Why)

  • The two distinct components of the business-model

  • And how they interact with each other

  • The Advantages of Mentorship & Coaching

  • The Power of Duplication

  • How your business is created

  • What products are in your store

  • How to grow your business with no income ceiling

  • What you need to do next

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Beyond Education

In just eight months Sandy quit her job, and in another eleven Bill left his teaching position with an income seven times greater than his previous salary. Bill is quick to add, “I really enjoyed teaching. But when the income was no longer necessary, I found there were other things I could do with my time that I enjoyed even more.” Bill still thinks education is essential and has a lot to do with what makes America great. He feels, however, that education also has its flaws. Even though I have 232 credits in higher education, my first six months in this business taught me more about personal and economic freedom than I had ever learned before.”



Today, Bill and Sandy have many rewards to show for their years of diligent effort. Their dream home is located on beautiful acreage, and it was built with top quality materials throughout. They also have a second home on what is considered one of the premier lakes in Minnesota. Bill has had the time and money to build a massive collection of rock n’ roll memorabilia. They drive luxury cars and own boats, personal watercraft, and snowmobiles.


There have been numerous other rewards, but Sandy likes to talk about what is really important to them. “We have two beautiful daughters who would not be here if it weren’t for this business. The freedom of time we have because we’ve built this business has allowed us to be very involved in their lives.

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