Personal Testimonials from Business Owners who have found Success using this business-model!


The following people are just a small example of what business ownership means to them and their families since launching their business and then taking advantage of the association with their Mentors and Coaches.

Brad & Julie


Construction/Restaurant Management

Chattaroy, WA

Laird & Alicia


Outside Sales/Marketing

Calgary, AB

Clayton & Elisabeth


Fireman/Event Manager

Edmonton, AB

Chris E.


Chartered Accountant

Saskatoon, SK

David & Esther


Occupational Therapist/Occupational Therapist

Calgary, AB

Ty & Venessa


Construction/Executive Assistant

Portland, OR

Peter & Emma


Military Captain/Chief Executive Officer

Calgary, AB

Dean & Marcie


Athlete & Outside Sales/Teacher

Edmonton, AB

Glen & Joya


Insurance Salesman/Dental Hygienist

Temecula, CA

Shawn & Catherine



Yorba Linda, CA

Ryder & Nicole


Business Owner/Secretary

Boise, ID

Paul & Kara


(Both) Full-time Students

Calgary, AB